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Manufacture Epson
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Standard Packing Qty 10pc
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Crystal oscillation elements and oscillators
Programmable oscillators
SMT type

Crystal Oscillator Programmable
Packaging : Ceramic SON 4pin 3.2x2.5x1.05mm
Frequency range: 1MHz to 125MHz
Supply voltage : 5V-CMOS
Function : Output enable(OE)
Short mass production lead time by PLL technology
Frequency tolerance : ±50x10-6 / -20 to +70℃

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SG-8002CE-PHB 100pc 100pc USD209.00 USD2.09 10pc 2week
SG-8002CE-PHB 500pc 500pc USD910.00 USD1.82 10pc 4week
SG-8002CE-PHB 1000pc 1000pc USD1,410.00 USD1.41 10pc 5week
SG-8002CE-PHB 2000pc 2000pc USD2,640.00 USD1.32 10pc 6week