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Category Switches
Manufacture Otax
Stock Order
Lead time 2week
Price USD542.25
MOQ/SPQ 225/45
Quantity cart
Setting components
Slide switches

Rotary coded swithches
RoHS compliance

Actuator shape: Flat(screwdriver)type
Actuator posiotion: Side-actuated
Code format: Real code/10 positions
Terminal style: DIP type
Rating: 0.4VA AC/DC20V MAX
Contact resistance: 50mΩ or less
Operating temperature range: -30 to 85℃
Packaging: Tube packing

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KDR102H 45pc 45pc USD112.05 USD2.49 45 10day
KDR102H 225pc 225pc USD542.25 USD2.41 45 2week
KDR102H 450pc 450pc USD1,066.50 USD2.37 45 5week