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Passive components
Ceramic capacitors
High temperature guaranteed low loss lead type ceramic capacitor

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors (500v-6.3kV)/Safety Standard Certified Ceramic Capacitor
High Temperature Guaranteed , Low-dissipation Factor (Char. R,C)
Temperature Characteristics : R
Capacity of Change or Temperature Coeff[1]. : ±15%
Temeprature Range[1] : -25 to +85℃
Capacity of Change or Temperature Coeff[2]. : +15%,-30%
Temeprature Range[1] : +85 to +125℃
Rated Voltage ; DC2kV
Capacitance : 330pF
Capacitance Tolerance : ±10%
Lead style : Vertical Crimp Taping
Packaging : Ammo Pack Taping

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