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Category Adjusting parts
Manufacture Mac8
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Price USD175.00
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Mac8 Positioning pin PST-4-9  500pcs

PCB components
Positioning pin

Positioning pin[PST-4 series]
RoHS compliance

Material: Brass
Finish: Tin plating over Ni base
Operating temperature range: -40 to +150℃
Recommended land diameter: 3.0φ
TH hole diameter: 6φ or over
Daoughter board side recommended hole diameter: 4.0φ
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PST-4-9 500pcs 500pcs USD175.00 USD0.35 100pcs 3week
PST-4-9 1000pcs 1000pcs USD310.00 USD0.31 100pcs 3week
PST-4-9 3000pcs 3000pcs USD900.00 USD0.30 100pcs 4week