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Manufacture Mac8
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Lead time 3week
Price USD1,800.00
Standard Packing Qty 10pc
Minimum Order Qty 100pc
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PCB components
Socket pins
For two-tiered

Super small b to b connector/socket pin
Connects the boards with MX series.

Resin part: PCT Black(UL94V-0)
Socket part- Body: Brass(Sn plating), Contact part: Beryllium copper(Gold plating over Ni)

Operating temperature range(degrees Celsius): -40 to +125
Rated current: 1A
Insulation resistance: 500M ohm or more
Dielectric strength: 500V AC,DC 1min
Mating/unmating duability: 100 times or more
Contact resistance: 10m ohm or less
Mating/unmating forces: 20g or more/pin
Adaptable male pin diameter: 0.4~0.5phi mm
Male pin depth: 3.8mm
Pitch distance: 1.27mm
Max pins: 40P
Contact part length: 10.16mm
Recommended through-hole diameter: 0.6~0.7phi mm
RoHS compliant

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ME-1-2 10pc 10pc USD190.90 USD19.09 10pc 3week
ME-1-2 50pc 50pc USD932.00 USD18.64 10pc 3week
ME-1-2 100pc 100pc USD1,800.00 USD18.00 10pc 3week
ME-1-2 200pc 200pc USD3,272.00 USD16.36 10pc 3week