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Category Switches
Manufacture Nidec Copal
Stock Order
Ship date 9week
Price USD364.00
Standard Packing Qty 25pcs
Minimum Order Qty 200pcs
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Setting components
Toggle switches

Subminiature Toggle Switch

RoHS compliant

Process sealed structure
Gold-plated contacts
Terminal pin pitch: 2.54mm

Number of poles: 1
Switching function: ON-OFF-ON
Terminal style: Vertical mounting
Actuator shape: Standard

Color cap and Rocker accessories are sold separately

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ATE1E-7M3-10-Z 50pcs 50pcs USD96.00 USD1.92 25pcs 9week
ATE1E-7M3-10-Z 200pcs 200pcs USD364.00 USD1.82 25pcs 9week