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Manufacture Hirose Electric
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Hirose Electric Cable to board/relay connectors EF2-D60-1  25pcs

Wiring components
Cable to board/relay connectors
In-line connectos of power supply

ZERO SCREWTM Terminal Block
RoHS compliant

Mount type : DIN rail mount
Rated current(Conductor cross-sectional area): (5.5mm2)40A(8mm2)50A(14mm2)70A
Rated voltage: AC/DC 600V
Applicable crimp contact: (5.5mm2)R5.5-5(8mm2)R8-5(14mm2)R14-5
Dimensions: A=63.6mm, B=46.35mm, C=5.5mm, D=21mm

HRS No. CL0142-0104-0-00
Dimensions of EF2 series

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EF2-D60-1 5pcs 5pcs USD85.45 USD17.09 1pc 4week
EF2-D60-1 10pcs 10pcs USD166.40 USD16.64 1pc 4week
EF2-D60-1 25pcs 25pcs USD404.50 USD16.18 1pc 5week
EF2-D60-1 50pcs 50pcs USD763.50 USD15.27 1pc 5week
EF2-D60-1 100pcs 100pcs USD1,500.00 USD15.00 1pc 6week
EF2-D60-1 200pcs 200pcs USD2,910.00 USD14.55 1pc 6week
EF2-D60-1 300pcs 300pcs USD3,300.00 USD11.00 1pc 6week
EF2-D60-1 500pcs 500pcs USD5,180.00 USD10.36 1pc 6week