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Category Connectors
Manufacture Hirose Electric
Stock Order
Ship date 7week
Price USD259.10  (around USD0.130/pc)
Standard Packing Qty 2000pcs / 1reel
Minimum Order Qty 1reel
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Hirose Electric Cable to board/relay connectors FX16-31P-GNDL(A)  1reel

Wiring components
Cable to board/relay connectors

High Speed Wire-to-Board Connectors
RoHS2 compliance

Product type: Vartical type cover for micro coaxial cables
Rated Current: 0.5A
Rated Voltage: AC60V
Operating Temperature Range: -55 to 85℃
Number of poles: 31
HRS No. CL0575-3232-6-00

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Model No Quantity Price Unit Price SPQ Ship date
FX16-31P-GNDL(A) 1reel 1reel USD259.10 USD259.10 1reel 7week
FX16-31P-GNDL(A) 3reel 3reel USD732.00 USD244.00 1reel 8week