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Cosel Power module type CBS1002403-F1  2pcs

Power supplies
Power module type
DC-DC converter/Single output

DC-DC Converters power Module type CBS100

With addition of a heat sink (F-CBS-F1)

Max output wattage [W]: 77.2
Input voltage [V]: DC18 - 36
Output voltage [V]: 3.3
Output current [A]: 23.4
Output voltage adjustment range* [V]: 1.98 - 3.63, Fixed (TRM pin open), adjustable by external resistor
*When the input voltage is in the range of DC18 - 20V, DC36 - 40V output voltage adjustment range is 60 - 105% (except for 1R8/2R5).

Operating temperature: -40 to +100℃ (On aluminum base plate)
Humidity: 20 - 95%RH (Non condensing) (Refer to derating curve)
Altitude: 3,000m (10,000feet) max
Case size: 57.9x12.7x61.0mm [2.28x0.5x2.4 inches] (WxHxD)
Weight: 83g max

Heat sink size: 57.9x12.7x61.5 (WxHxD), Horizontal
Cooling method: Conduction cooling (e.g. heat radiation from the aluminum base plate to the attached heat sink)
RoHS compliant
Safety approvals: UL60950-1,C-UL,EN60950-1

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