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Holidays Notice: Our entire office will be closed from 27 April 2019 to 6 May 2019 due to the Japanese national holidays. We will be open from May 7, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and appreciate for your understanding.
03.25/2019 update/Mac8 PDB series, PST series, PN-8-1-A series
03.08/2019 update/Mac8 CZ series, FBA/FBB/FBC series, LDM series
02.26/2019 update/Mac8 BBS series and CKW series
02.12/2019 update/Mac8 PN series and RX-1-1
02.04/2019 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)ATLE/ATE series,
01.11/2019 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)MFS series,
01.08/2019 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)SLE10K and SEL210K series,
12.28/2018 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)AP1 and AP2 series

Offering motors of Nidec Copal Electronics. DC bushless motors, DC geared motors, and so on.
Motors | Nidec Copal Electronics
Offering Switches of Nidec Copal Electronics. Slide switches , Rotary switches, and so on.
Switches | Nidec Copal Electronics
Sale of the Resistors of KOA
Register, Thick film chip resistors, Chip resistor networks, Metal film resistors, Lead Type Resistors, Check Terminals, Varistors, EMC/EMI devices, DC line filter
KOA | Resistors
Sale of the Capacitors of Matsuo Electric (NCC).
Capacitors,Tantalum Capacitors ,Plastic film Capacitors ,Hermetic/metal case type Tantalum Capacitors ,Chip Fuse
Capacitors | Matsuo Electric (NCC)
Sale of the EMC/EMI devices of SEIWA ELECTRIC
EMC/EMI devices(Ferrite cores, Gasket)
Tamagawa Seira is the Japanese manufacturer producing Metal spacers , Resinspacers, Terminal contacts , Terminals for PCBs, Screw terminals, LEDmounting support , and so on.
Spacers | Tamagawa Seira
Sale of the Heatsinks of LSI Cooler.
Small type heatsinks with pin terminal
Heatsink | LSI Cooler
Sale of the Terminal Blocks of Sato Parts.
Terminal Blocks, Standard terminal blocks (screw type)
Terminal Blocks | Sato Parts
Cosel is one of the worldwide leading power supply manufacturers offering high-quality, ultra small size AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters and Noise-filters. RoHS compliant.
Power Supplies | Cosel
Offering Omron products. Switching power supplies
Power Supplies | Omron