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06.28/2019 update/ETA
03.25/2019 update/Mac8 PDB series, PST series, PN-8-1-A series
03.08/2019 update/Mac8 CZ series, FBA/FBB/FBC series, LDM series
02.26/2019 update/Mac8 BBS series and CKW series
02.12/2019 update/Mac8 PN series and RX-1-1
02.04/2019 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)ATLE/ATE series,
01.11/2019 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)MFS series,
01.08/2019 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)SLE10K and SEL210K series,
12.28/2018 update/Nidec copal(Fujisoku)AP1 and AP2 series

Offering motors of Nidec Copal Electronics. DC bushless motors, DC geared motors, and so on.
Motors | Nidec Copal Electronics
Offering Switches of Nidec Copal Electronics. Slide switches , Rotary switches, and so on.
Switches | Nidec Copal Electronics
Sales of connectors of Nanaboshi Electric MFG Round metal connector and Water proof connectors and so on.
Nanaboshi Electric MFG | Connectors
Sale of the Capacitors of Matsuo Electric (NCC).
Capacitors,Tantalum Capacitors ,Plastic film Capacitors ,Hermetic/metal case type Tantalum Capacitors ,Chip Fuse
Capacitors | Matsuo Electric (NCC)
Sale of the EMC/EMI devices of SEIWA ELECTRIC
EMC/EMI devices(Ferrite cores, Gasket)
Sale of the Terminal Blocks of Sato Parts.
Terminal Blocks, Standard terminal blocks (screw type)
Terminal Blocks | Sato Parts
Cosel is one of the worldwide leading power supply manufacturers offering high-quality, ultra small size AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters and Noise-filters. RoHS compliant.
Power Supplies | Cosel
Offering Omron products. Switching power supplies
Power Supplies | Omron