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Acceptable Use Policy

Terms and conditions

In using this website, you( members , customers) are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions issued by us (SystemGear Co.,Ltd .)

Section 1. Apllication and change of this terms and conditons

1. The terms and conditions should be applicable all transactions. We assume that all members understand and approve this terms and conditons.

2. We may change the terms and conditions as needed. Once we change the terms and condtions , we notice the revised point on this web site.

3. The revised terms and conditions will be effective to all members right after updated on this web site.

Section 2. Change and termination of our service

1. We may change, enlarge, pause or terminate our services without the prior notice to members.

2. We take no responsibility for any damage that members may be caused by change, enlargement, pause or termination of our services described in the previous paragraph.

Section 3. Interruption of our service

1.We may take interruption of our services when the following incidents happen,

1) In case of emergency or regular maintenance for our equipment.

2) In case of fire and power outage

3) In case of disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, epidemics

4) for operational or technical reasons

2. We take no responsibility for any damages which may be caused to members or any third parties by delay or temporary interruption of services due to a reason described in the previous paragraph or any other reasons that may arise

Section 4. Quotation

1. Our quotation is valid for 3 days from the date when the quotation is first provided.

2. After validity date of our quotation, we may not offer members the same condition.

Section 5. Purchase order

1. All purchase orders via this site will be managed on this site.

2. We accept your orders for 24 hours a day, but we only manage your orders from 9:00am to 5:30pm local time in Japan and our company business day.
However , in case of Section 3, we may not accept your order.

3. We are here from Monday to Friday except our national holidays , summer holidays , and new years holidays.

Section 6. Shipment and Delivery

1. All members acknowledge that delivery may be delayed due to an unavoidable reasons,accident or disaster etc. In that case, we take no responsibility for any damages that may caused members due to such delays of delivery.

2. The shipping fee will be added to each orders.

3. All return fee caused by your absence or incorrect destination will be charged to you.

4. We ship your orders by EMS , DHL , Yamato transport.

Section 7. Payment

1. Members could choose one of the following payment

but if the total price of the product is equivalent to 30,000 yen or less in Japanese yen, payment method is PayPal only.

1) pre-paid by wire transfer
A member has to send a remittance to the bank account specified by e-mail that informs of accepting placed order or by an instruction on Site within two business days following the day of order. A remittance charge shall be covered by a member.
Also In the case of correspondent bank fee is needed when you pay, this cost is also your responsibility.

2) PayPal
PayPal charge is responsibility of members. When we receive your order , we mention product price , delivery charge and PayPal charge so that you can pay by PayPal.

Section 8. Cancel and Return

1. We cannot accept cancellations , changes for ordered products and quantity requested by the customers after we receive the order.Pleae check again when you place an order.

2. We basically cannot accept returns or exchanges .If we shipped wrong item ( broken , rusted , etc), or incorrect items by our mistake , please contact us in 2 weeks after you receive the items. After 2weeks from your order dated , we never accept your return under any circumstance.

3. If you receive sort quantity against your order, please contact us in 2 weeks after you receive the items so that we can expedite shipment of the short items .
Contact address :
SystemGear Co.,Ltd.
1-7-11 Takatsukasa, Takarazuka-shi Hyogo, 665-0051 Japan

Section 9. Ownership

1. Risk of loss or damage of products shall be transferred to members when the products have been shipped from us.

2. Ownership of products will be transferred to members when those products have been delivered to members and payments for those products have been completed.

Section 12. Export from Japan

1. When members and Customer Entities export or re-export the products purchased from us, they will confirm their customers and identify the intended application regardless of whether or not the products are regulated. They will not export or re-export the products purchased from us, if the products are, or likely to be,diverted to development, manufacture, use or storage of weapons of mass destruction or used for the purpose of military research and military applications.When members and Customer Entities make unauthorized export or re-export contrary to the previous two paragraphs, we and those who manufacture or supply the products sold by us will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by this act.
This terms and conditions are effictive as of Dec 1st , 2005.