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Shipping method

We ship our items directly from Japan.

Each delivery method has tracking number, so you can track your shipment.

Also, we will send PDF file of the AWB copy and commercial invoice after shipment.

Our shipping method is as follows,

1. EMS (Postal service)

2. DHL (our account)

3. Your account (DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS)

4. Yamato (only delivery in Japan)

Please choose your favolable delivery method.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship to PO Box.

• If you choose EMS or DHL(our account), we will send the proforma invoice included shipping cost.
Please confirm and proceed with your payment.

• In the case of EMS, if the order price is 200,000JPY or more, customs clearance fee will be incurred separately.
Please check the details on the Proforma invoice that will be sent after your order.

• If you will use your account, please inform us your account number.
Also if your account number is not your company name, please inform us your account name.
(About service type: If not specified the service type, FedEx is Intl. Priority and TNT is express.)

• If we cannot confirm the validity or if for any reason we find it unusable, we need a shipping fee.
Please note that the product can not be shipped if payment of the shipping cost can not be confirmed.

• It may be shipped by multiple boxes depending on the weight and quantity of the product.

About tax and customs duties,

You may be charged fee at the custom in your country.
We can not know whether your products will be charged.
The recipient is responsible for all customs duties and taxes associated with imports.