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Category Oscillators
Manufacture Epson
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Crystal oscillation elements and oscillators
Programmable oscillators

Crystal Oscillator Programmable
RoHS compliant

Supply voltage: 1.8V to 3.3V
Frequency tolerance: ±50×10-6
Operating temperature: -40 to +105℃
Function: Standby
tr/tf (Rise/Fall time): Default
Dimensions: 5.0 mm× 3.2mm
Frequency range: 0.67MHz to 170MHz (1ppm Step)
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SG-8018CB-TJHSA 100pcs 100pcs USD227.00 USD2.27 1pc 2week
SG-8018CB-TJHSA 500pcs 500pcs USD680.00 USD1.36 1pc 6week
SG-8018CB-TJHSA 1000pcs 1000pcs USD930.00 USD0.93 1pc 7week