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Manufacture Nanaboshi Electric
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Nanaboshi Electric Round shaped connectors NCS-162-R-CH  200pcs

Wiring components
Round shaped connectors
Miniature round connectors

Round Type Connectors
Cable termination: Soldering
S Type
RoHS compliant

Shell size: 16φ
Number of contact: 2
Shell shape: Receptacle
Contact shape: Male
Rating: 125V 5A
Withstand voltage: 1.0KV(1 minute)
Temperature tolerance level: -40℃ to +120℃
Material: Epoxy resin (Insulator), Copper alloy (Contact)
Finish:Tin-cobalt plating (Shell), Nickel plating (Contact)

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NCS-162-R-CH 50pcs 50pcs US$138.00 US$2.76 1pc 2week
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NCS-162-R-CH 200pcs 200pcs US$500.00 US$2.50 1pc 2week