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Category Connectors
Manufacture Mac8
Stock Order
Ship date 5week
Price USD1,036.40  (around USD0.345/pc)
Standard Packing Qty 300pcs / 1reel
Minimum Order Qty 10reel
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Mac8 Connectors for PCB MJW-0.4-T  10reel

Wiring components
Connectors for PCB
Jumper for high currency

Jumper for high current
RoHS compliant

For applying high current, thick copper PCB and etc.

Material: Copper
Finish: Tin plating over Ni
Rated current: 60A
Dimensions: L=10.16mm, A=16.16mm

Dimensions of MJW

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Model No Quantity Price Unit Price SPQ Ship date
MJW-0.4-T 1reel 1reel USD111.82 USD111.82 1reel 3week
MJW-0.4-T 3reel 3reel USD327.27 USD109.09 1reel 2week
MJW-0.4-T 5reel 5reel USD531.80 USD106.36 1reel 4week
MJW-0.4-T 10reel 10reel USD1,036.40 USD103.64 1reel 5week
MJW-0.4-T 20reel 20reel USD1,963.60 USD98.18 1reel 4week