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Manufacture Mac8
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Mac8 Connectors for PCB HH-1-S-T  1reel

Wiring components
Connectors for PCB
Connectors for SMT

Connector for Surface Mount Board

Outputting each signal line separately can make layout design flexible.
Can mount vertically and horizontally

Body: Brass
Contact: Beryllium Copper
Body: Plated Au over Ni base
Contact: Plated Au over Ni base

Rated current: 1A
Contact resistance: 10m ohm and below
Durability: 100 Times and over
Insertion power: 70g and over
Removal power: 70g and over
Recommended male pin diameter : 0.45 to 0.6 phi mm
Adaptive male pin: HJ-1
Heat shrinkable tube for HJ-1: HJ-T
Cramp: HH-1-R
Temperature Range (degrees Celsius): -40 to +125
Packaged in tape-reel
RoHS compliant

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