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Category Terminals
Manufacture Mac8
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Ship date 4week (inquiry before Shipment)
Price US$116.87  (around US$0.334/pc)
Standard Packing Qty 350pcs / 1reel
Minimum Order Qty 1reel
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Mac8 Terminal for wiring WTS-5-7.5  1reel

PCB components
Terminal for wiring

Terminal for wiring
RoHS compliant

Used for fixing wire on board for SMT
Can be used for check terminal.

Material: Brass
Finish: Tin plating over Ni
Current capacity: 30A

Dimensions of WTS-5-7.5-B

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WTS-5-7.5 1reel 1reel US$116.87 US$116.87 1reel 4week
WTS-5-7.5 10reel 10reel US$1,056.00 US$105.60 1reel 6week