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PCB components
Cube type socket

Cube type socket[BBS series]
RoHS compliance

This can be inserted from 5 directions.

Body: Copper 0.8t
Contact: Beryllium copper

Body: Tin plating over Ni base
contact: Gold plating over Ni base

Applicable male pin diameter: 0.9 to 1.1φ
Male pin contact point: 3.2mm
Rated current: 5A
Contact resistance: 20mΩ or less
Operating temperature range: 40 to +125℃

Package: Bulk
Package quantity: 100pcs/pack
Dimentions of BBS
Dimentions of BBS6
Dimenthions of BBS7

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BBS-12-1.0 100pc 100pc USD285.00 USD2.85 100pc 2week
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BBS-12-1.0 1000pc 1000pc USD2,640.00 USD2.64 100pc 4week