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Category PCB mounting parts
Manufacture Mac8
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Ship date 3week
Price USD80.00
Standard Packing Qty 1000pcs
Minimum Order Qty 1000pcs
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Mac8 Bars for SMT NC-0.5-1.0  1000pcs

PCB components
Bars for SMT

Bar for surface mounting

This can be used for pattern reinforcement when checking a surface mounting board. (When putting an oscilloscope probe)
This can be also used as a jumper.

Material: Phosphor bronze
Finish: Gold plating over Nickel base
Packing type: Bulk(1000pcs/pack)
Size: A=1.0mm B=0.5mm C=0.5mm

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Model No Quantity Price Unit Price SPQ Ship date
NC-0.5-1.0 1000pcs 1000pcs USD80.00 USD0.08 1000pcs 3week
NC-0.5-1.0 3000pcs 3000pcs USD210.00 USD0.07 1000pcs 3week
NC-0.5-1.0 10000pcs 10000pcs USD600.00 USD0.06 1000pcs 4week