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Category Terminals
Manufacture Mac8
Stock Order
Ship date 4week
Price USD254.55  (around USD0.636/pc)
Standard Packing Qty 400pcs / 1reel
Minimum Order Qty 1reel
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Mac8 Check terminals GHS-2.0-S-T-White  1reel

PCB components
Check terminals

Color test point for automatic for SMT
RoHS compliant

A chip mounter can be used for this check terminal

Material: (Metal part) Phosphor bronze, (Resin part) Nylon9T/UL94V-0
Finish: Tin plating over nickel base
Color of resin part: White
GHS Dimentions

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Model No Quantity Price Unit Price SPQ Ship date
GHS-2.0-S-T-White 1reel 1reel USD254.55 USD254.55 1reel 4week
GHS-2.0-S-T-White 5reel 5reel USD1,227.30 USD245.46 1reel 5week
GHS-2.0-S-T-White 10reel 10reel USD2,272.70 USD227.27 1reel 6week