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Manufacture Mac8
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Ship date 2week
Price USD95.00  (around USD0.950/pc)
Standard Packing Qty 100pcs / 1pack
Minimum Order Qty 1pack
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Mac8 Parallel connecting sockets SD-15-9-1.0-G  1pack

PCB components
Parallel connecting sockets

Socket for inserting to a PC board in the horizontal direction
RoHS compliant

By combining with SDO series, PC board can be insertion / removal in parallel.

Material:Body:Brass, Contact:Beryllium copper
Finish:Body:Gold plating over nickel base, Contact part:Gold plating over nickel base
Rated current:15A
Contact resistance:10mΩor less
Adaptive PC board thickness:1.0t
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SD-15-9-1.0-G 1pack 1pack USD95.00 USD95.00 1pack 2week
SD-15-9-1.0-G 5pack 5pack USD437.30 USD87.46 1pack 3week
SD-15-9-1.0-G 10pack 10pack USD801.80 USD80.18 1pack 4week
SD-15-9-1.0-G 20pack 20pack USD1,541.80 USD77.09 1pack 5week