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Category Connectors
Manufacture Mac8
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Ship date 5week
Price USD2,443.60  (around USD0.407/pc)
Standard Packing Qty 600pcs / 1reel
Minimum Order Qty 10reel
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Mac8 Connectors for PCB HWHP-2P-SN-T  10reel

Wiring components
Connectors for PCB
Connectors for SMT
Terminals for wrapping

Wiirewrap terminal for surface mount

It is a longer one of HWP-2P and 3P series

Specifocation is the same as HWP-2P
Reflow type

Pin part: Brass
Resin part: PPS black(UK94V-0)
Finish: Sn plating over Ni

Rated current: 3A
Insulation resistance: 500M ohm or more
Dielectric strength: 1000V AC,DC 1 min
No. of pin: 2
Packaged in tape reel(600pcs/reel)
Temperature range (degrees Celsius): -40 to +125
RoHS compliant

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HWHP-2P-SN-T 1reel 1reel USD268.37 USD268.37 1reel 3week
HWHP-2P-SN-T 10reel 10reel USD2,443.60 USD244.36 1reel 5week