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Category Connectors
Manufacture Mac8
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Price USD116.37  (around USD0.058/pcs)
Standard Packing Qty 2000pc / 1reel
Minimum Order Qty 1reel
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Wiring components
Connectors for PCB
SMT type jumper lines

Jumper for surface mount

Use it when there is no patterns etc.
This jump line passes at 0.5mm above PC board.

Material: Phosphor bronze
Rated current: 7A
Packaged in tape-reel(2000pcs/reel)
Tape width: 24mm
L: 11.16mm
RoHS compliant

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MJ-0.4-T 1reel 1reel USD116.37 USD116.37 1reel ready to ship
MJ-0.4-T 3reel 3reel USD338.19 USD112.73 1reel inquiry