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Mac8 Connectors for PCB OW-3-12.5  100pcs

Wiring components
Connectors for PCB
Connectors for DIP board
Terminals for two-tiered

Mate/unmate with socket, Max 20 pins connector

Pin part: Phosphor bronze
Finish: Au plating over Ni
Resin part: PBT Black(UL94V-0)

Rated current: 4A
Insulation resistance: 500M ohm or more
Dielectric strength: 1000V AC,DC 1min
Temperature range(Degree celcius): -40 ~ +125
Pitch distance: 2.54mm
Recommended through-hole diameter: 0.9 phi mm
Adaptable socket: PM-61
No. of pins: 20
A: 12.5mm
H: 17.5mm
*H size indicates the space between mother and child boards with PM-61.
RoHS compliant

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Usage example
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