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PCB components
Through hole taps for SMT

Threaded spacer [TH-0.8 Series]

This Spacer is mounted on PCB by inserting into through-hole.
Screws can be inserted both from component and from solder side.
Taping type has adsorption seal for vacuum pick.
It needs to be removed after reflow.

Material: Brass
Finish: Sn plating over Ni

Rated current: 20A
Tightening torque: 1.5kgf-cm (14.7N-cm) and below
Recommended PCB thickness: 0.8t and over
(other PCB thickness applicable)
*Mounter should have automatic recognition system
Dimensions A: 4.0phi mm B: 2.5phi mm H: 1.5mm
M2 P=0.4

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