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Category Terminals
Manufacture Mac8
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Price USD90.00
Standard Packing Qty 1000pcs
Minimum Order Qty 1000pcs
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Mac8 Check terminals CT-4-2  1000pcs

PCB components
Check terminals
DIP type

Terminal for test point
The shape is finished for easy oscilloscope probe mouting.
Depression on the top prevents slippage of test lead etc.
Caulking type
*Please always soldered.

Recommended though-hole diameter: 1.6Φ
Material: Au plating over Ni

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CT-4-2 1000pcs 1000pcs USD90.00 USD0.09 1000pcs 1week
CT-4-2 3000pcs 3000pcs USD210.00 USD0.07 1000pcs 1week