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Temperature sensors
Thermal guard

Thermal guard
Extremely simple circuit design (as no adjustment needed).
Reliable ON-OFF operation (special temprature-sensitive materials and highly-reliable swiches give reproducible ON-OFF action).
Usable with extremely low (0.1mW or lower) signals to high power (6W) levels, making them ideal as built-in overheating detectors in electronic circuits.
High-speed response.
Conpact, light and easy to handle.
Dust-proof, explosion-proof, and corrision-proof.
Compact radial
Contact type: Make
Electric character

Max. opening.closing voltage: 110V AC/DC
Max. opening.closing current: 0.3A AC/DC
Max. opening.closing power: 6W AC/DC
Min. opening.closing current: 0.1mA/1V,DC
Set operationg temprature range: ±5℃
Contact resistance: 150m max.Temprature: 65℃
RoHS compliant

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