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MY2N AC200/22010pcs
Category Relays
Manufacture Omron
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Electric relays
General purpose relays

Miniature Power Relay

Standard type
2 poles
Single contacting
Plug-in terminal
with indicator

Coil rated voltage:6.2mA at 200VAC(50Hz)/5.3mA at 200VAC(60Hz)/6.8mA at 220VAC(50Hz)/5.8mA at 220VAC(60Hz)
Coil resistance:12950Ω
Must operating voltage(Setting voltage):Max.80%
Must release voltage(Resetting voltage):minimum.30%
Max.capacity voltage:110% against rated voltage
Power consumption )approx.(:about0.9 to 1.1VA(60Hz)
Operating indicator:LED
Coil surge suppression:Non
Contact form:2c
Contact mechanism:Single

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