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Category Switching power supplies
Manufacture Cosel
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Cosel PCB unit type LMA150F-24-SY  2pcs

Power supplies
PCB unit type

AC-DC Power Supplies Medical Type
RoHS compliance

With Chassis

Max. Output Wattage: 151.2W
Input Voltage: AC85 to 264V 1φ
Rated Voltage: 24V
Rated Current: 6.3A
Size: (W)75mm×(H)36.5mm×(D)160mm
Net weight: 370g max.

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LMA150F-24-SY 2pcs 2pcs USD112.74 USD56.37 1pc 2week
LMA150F-24-SY 10pcs 10pcs USD531.80 USD53.18 1pc 2week
LMA150F-24-SY 50pcs 50pcs USD2,545.50 USD50.91 1pc 2week
LMA150F-24-SY 100pcs 100pcs USD4,818.00 USD48.18 1pc 5week