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Category Switching power supplies
Manufacture Cosel
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Cosel Power module type TUNS300F28-T  2pcs

Power supplies
Power module type

AC-DC Power Module Type Converter
RoHS compliant

Max output wattage: 308W
Input voltage: AC85 to 264V 1φ
Output voltage: DC28V
Output current: 11A
Cooling method: Conduction cooling
Optional: with Mounting hole(φ3.4thru)
Case size:(W)117.3mm×(H)12.7mm×(D)61.5mm
Weight: 190g max.

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TUNS300F28-T 2pcs 2pcs USD241.82 USD120.91 1pc 3week
TUNS300F28-T 10pcs 10pcs USD1,136.40 USD113.64 1pc 4week
TUNS300F28-T 50pcs 50pcs USD5,500.00 USD110.00 1pc 4week
TUNS300F28-T 100pcs 100pcs USD10,364.00 USD103.64 1pc 8week