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Category Switching power supplies
Manufacture Cosel
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Cosel On-board type MGFS40243R3  5pcs

Power supplies
On-board type

PCB Mount type DC-DC converters
RoHS compliant

Output Wattage: 33W
Input Voltage: DC9 to 36V
Output Voltage: 3.3V
Output Current: 10A
Pin terminal material: Copper
Planting treatment of terminal: Lead free plating
Case material: Brass
Plating treatment of case: Nickel plating
Package: SIP6
Size: (W)25.4×(H)9.9×(D)25.4mm
Net weight: 30g

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MGFS40243R3 5pcs 5pcs USD163.65 USD32.73 1pc 4week
MGFS40243R3 50pcs 50pcs USD1,591.00 USD31.82 1pc 5week
MGFS40243R3 100pcs 100pcs USD2,918.00 USD29.18 1pc 6week
MGFS40243R3 500pcs 500pcs USD14,275.00 USD28.55 1pc 7week