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Manufacture Cosel
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Cosel Unit type ADA750F-24  1pc

Power supplies
Unit type
Single output

ACAC-DC Power Supplies Enclosed type

Input Rated voltage [V]:
AC85 - 264 1φ or DC120 - 350(AC64 or DC90 optionally available)
Output Rated current [A]
ACIN 100V*: 17 (Peak 42) convection, 25 (Peak 42) forced air
ACIN 200V*: 19 (Peak 63) convection, 31.5 (Peak 63) forced air
*Peak loading for 10sec.and duty 35% max

Output voltage adjustment ranage [V]: 21.6 - 27.0
Operating temp., humid. and altitude:
:-10 to +71℃
: 20 - 90%RH (Non condensing) (Refer to derating curve)
:3,000m (10,000feet) max
Case size:: 70x127x230mm [2.76x5x9.06 inches] (WxHxD) (without terminal block)
Weight: 1.9kg max

Cooling method: Convection/Forced air
RoHS compliant
Safty approvals
EN50178 Complies with DEN-AN
IEC60950-1 (At only AC input)

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