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Cosel Power module type CDS4004828  3pcs

Power supplies
Power module type
DC-DC converter/Single output

DC-DC Converters power Module type CDS40048

Max output wattage [W]: 504
Input voltage [V]: DC36 - 76
Output voltage [V]: 28
Output current [A]: 18
Output voltage adjustment range* [V]: 16.8 - 32.0, Fixed (TRM pin open)
60 - 110% adjustable by external VR or external voltage
*CDS4004828 : Output voltage adjustment range is 60 - 114.3%.
Operating temp., humid. and altitude:
:-20 to +85℃ (On aluminum base plate)
:20 - 95%RH (Non condensing) (Refer to derating curve)
Case size: 61x12.7x116.8mm [2.4x0.5x4.6 inches] (WxHxD)
Weight: 180g max
Cooling method: Conduction cooling (e.g. heat radiation from the aluminum base plate to the attached heat sink)

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